About Me


For the past six years I have been editing videos, writing and recording music, and designing graphics. It started as a hobby while I was in high school but eventually lead me to enroll in Carleton Universities Bachelor of Information Technologies program specializing in Interactive Multi-Media. This program has allowed me to combine creative thinking with technical knowledge. Throughout my time at Carleton I have worked on many different projects outside of school, both as freelance work and for fun.

Aside from my work in multi-media I have had the opportunity to take part in and work in many other interesting places. For the past six summers I have worked at Camp Ozanam. I started as a counsellor but in more recent years have moved to a more senior position in which I helped with the organization of the camp, and the growth of counsellors. In 2008 I went to the Dominican Republic with my high school as part of an experience trip. The goal of the trip was to live with, and experience life for people living in poverty.


Shared program with Carleton University, currently in graduating year.
Completed piano grades five and six.
Completed piano grades one through four.