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More examples of my audio work will be posted soon, but in the mean time I have posted some videos below which I created the scores for.

Unearthed VFX Short

Unearthed is a sci-fi short film created as an IMD Senior Project. I wrote the score for the film as well and added sound effects, as well as recording foley sounds.

Open Policy Development

The score for this video was written on piano and recorded in Logic Express 8. The visual component of this video was created first and the score was written and recorded after.

Romeo & Juliette Parody

The score for this video was created in many small parts. I wrote and recorded a variety of mini-scores and then put them in at appropriate points of the final edit.

Chop Chop Promo

I created both the soundtrack and sound effects for this game. Each level has its own mini-theme, as well as one main theme for the game menu's. The promo video starts with the main theme for the game, and the music that plays throughout the video after that is an older looping song that I had already created for other similar demo videos.

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