Andrew Robillard

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If you have an open mind, I’ve probably got as much time as you need.

Here’s how it works…


If I believe in what you’re doing and you’re not making money doing it, you get the best rate. It probably won’t be free but as long as I can cover my costs we’re in business.


Nothing excites me more than trading my craft with other talented people. If you think you’ve got what I need make me an offer.


If you are making money then so am I, seems fair. My rates are competitive but we all have to pay the bills.



I am a cinematographer and musician from Ottawa, Canada. I’ve been creating videos for the past decade and am more excited than ever to be doing so.

I consider myself pretty easy to work with and am not too stressed about anything. I love working with open minded people so tell me all of your ideas and let’s find a way to work together.



Let me know what you are looking to create and I will let you know how I can help.

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Ottawa, ON, K1Y