I've been creating commercials, music videos, short films, docs,  you name it for the better part of a decade now and have loved every second of it.

I started a company called Stuffed Motion with a friend right out of university and from 2012-2016 we created promotional work for all kinds of companies, governments, ngo's, etc... 

In 2016 my business partner and I decided to follow different opportunities and so I moved into a more freelance approach and eventually started working with Perfect Skating. I am currently in charge of their marketing efforts as well as documenting and podcasting with Shawn Allard on his travels to different parts of the world training NHL athletes. 

I also play drums for a band called No Mistakes In Space and work with a bunch of different musicians shooting music related projects.

I am always looking for new people to work with. If you have an idea, a song, a subject, a story, or anything that you think will be exciting or impactful, hit me up!

A little glimpse into my life...