Camp Ozanam

Ozanam has played a major role in my life. Unfortunately, I no longer have summers open to work at camp but I still stop by whenever possible, and lately I bring my camera. 

The camp is funded by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul which relies heavily on fundraising. On one of my visits last summer I shot this video and put it together hoping to make it easier to showcase the camp to the world. 

Everything in this video was shot with a RED Dragon and a GoPro. The idea was to interview staff with a varied history at the camp to explain exactly what the camp is all about. I didn't structure what I wanted to shoot in much detail before I went knowing that I would need to go with the flow once I got there regardless of how prepared I thought I was. Luckily the weather cooperated and I was able to get the shots I needed. 

I have since gained access to a DJI Mavic and have done some shooting at Ozanam, but this video was released well ahead of that unfortunately. Maybe one day I will revisit this project and add a little areal footage to tie it all together.